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Use Clearjet's infrastructure to build your own 2 day delivery network

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Freedom of Choice in Carriers

Picture a world where every carrier is at your fingertips

Turbocharged Transit Time

Our air network speeds up all of your carriers

Every City is an Opportunity

Express delivery in every corner of the country

Unified and Simplified

Seamlessly connect all your logistics elements


Discover the Freedom of Choice in Carriers

Picture a world where every carrier is at your fingertips. Clearjet turns this vision into reality, offering a kaleidoscope of options, each tailored to meet your unique shipping demands with unparalleled agility.


Effortless Sorting, Boundless Possibilities

Imagine a world where logistical complexity dissolves into seamless efficiency. Clearjet’s innovative single-sort system redefines your operational workflow, liberating you to focus on what truly matters – your business growth.


Embrace Boundless Shipping Potential

With Clearjet, experience the freedom of unlimited capacity, ensuring no volume is too large, no demand too challenging. Our scalable solutions adapt to your growth, making capacity constraints a thing of the past.


Elevate Your Parcels to First Class

In the world of shipping, your parcels are VIPs with Clearjet. We guarantee premier loading, a privilege unheard of in conventional freight, ensuring your shipments soar swiftly on the quickest path skyward.


Safeguarding Your Shipments, Every Step

In the Clearjet realm, parcel security is sacrosanct. Our rigorously crafted handling protocols are a fortress for your goods, providing unwavering assurance from origin to destination.


Instant Logistics Solutions, Just a Click Away

Embrace the future with Clearjet's on-demand logistics, a symphony of swift response and adaptable solutions. We're not just a service; we're your agile partner in an ever-changing market landscape.


Boundless Reach with Our Expansive Air Network

Span the skies with Clearjet. Our robust air network blankets the US, turning every corner of the country into an accessible destination, swiftly and reliably.


Your Schedule, Our Flights: Unmatched Options

Navigate through a spectrum of flight choices with Clearjet. Our abundant flight availability hands you the reins of scheduling, ensuring your parcels dance to the rhythm of your business needs.


Turbocharge Your Transit with Rapid Middle Mile

Revolutionize your delivery timeline with Clearjet's accelerated middle mile. Watch as we turn days into hours, propelling your shipments forward with unmatched speed and precision.


Every City, A New Opportunity

Clearjet's swift middle mile solutions transform every city into an easily reachable destination, ensuring your products glide through transit hurdles and land swiftly in your customer's hands.


Uniting States with Seamless Deliveries

With Clearjet, every state is within reach. Our network weaves through the tapestry of America, bringing reliable, consistent delivery solutions to every corner of this great nation.


Precise Deliveries, Every ZIP Code

From the buzz of the cities to the serenity of the countryside, Clearjet's all-encompassing ZIP code coverage ensures no destination is too far, too busy, or too secluded for your shipments.


More Carriers


One Sort


Unlimited Capacity


100% Coverage


Maximum Flight Availability


Faster Middle Mile

pickup zones

Every City


Every State

nonstop speed

Every ZIP Code




integrate with clearjet

Connect Effortlessy


Our single API integrates all your sales channels, streamlining your logistics workflow.


Tailor pickup points, commodities, containers, and zones to fit your unique needs.


Book pickups, leverage AirSkip, and utilize SuperCarrier for a seamless shipping journey.

optimize your logistics

Future of Shipping


Clearjet ensures a smooth start to your shipping journey with reliable and timely first mile pickup services.


Our AirSkip service accelerates the middle mile of your shipments, utilizing air freight for faster transit times.


We complete your shipping process with diverse final mile carrier options, ensuring precise and timely package delivery.

maintain control & gain insight

Optimize Your Shipping Experience


Stay continuously informed with real-time monitoring of your freight as it moves through the shipping process.


Proactively track and address any exceptions or irregularities that occur during shipment, ensuring smooth delivery.


Evaluate the efficiency of your shipments with detailed analysis of time-in-transit, helping to optimize future shipping strategies.


Keep a close eye on your shipping expenses with thorough cost analysis, enabling better budgeting and cost-saving decisions.

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